and if the distance starts to deconstruct everything that you've built and deleting everything that you've loved, don't despair. be grateful for everything that you've lived through, and walk away with dignity. I'm not sure how to disagree with the above. I do believe distance most often brings people closer, regardless of nature of relationship.... Continue Reading →


street food festival.

it's a four day weekend. six, if you push it. i could be with you. but now i'm here. and i have to make the most of it.  My first weekend in Thessaloniki, I treated my mum to soy meat with dairy-free tzatziki spread wrapped in the softest pita bread God ever cared to create.... Continue Reading →

spark & corruption.

at the end of the day, the excitement that flares in people's eyes at the sight of you, is the only thing you've got left. I stepped into private education feeling weary; I was paying for something many people get for free, or for a very small fee. Perhaps the money factor would raise the... Continue Reading →

small victories.

three failed attempts. that's all it took. Today we had some of our more interesting lessons. Some of them could be characterised that way. I say, staring around a milling bus station. You can always trust bus stations to not be appropriate places to write on a laptop. People stare. Arriving to class, I felt... Continue Reading →

but you can try again.

one of the taboo subjects of private schools is one's life prior to their arrival at the private school. there's a question that always lingers. how did you end up here? There are a few categories most people in private education within my country can fit in. Daddy has a lot of money. Failed school.... Continue Reading →

school, life, & death.

"but you always have your life to get back to." College, and less similarly work, are convenient ways to slip back into everyday life and routine after almost any event. Except for when your Significant Other dies. What's everyday life like then? Witnessing this scenario, I felt troubled whilst certain realisations surfaced in my conscious.... Continue Reading →


He was a civil engineer; his house overlooked the entire city. Bears would come down and ruin his hedge. "we had everything." "now my life is nothing. everything good in my life passed." I attended my first funeral at 19. I'd known death from afar; I wasn't desensitised from it, but I managed to keep... Continue Reading →

private schools.

They told me to try again. Private education is something to be feared in my country; you have to pay for it - you have to be able to trust it - you have to face the lingering judgement in people's eyes when they find out you're a student "trapped" in the private sector. It's... Continue Reading →

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