private schools.


They told me to try again.

Private education is something to be feared in my country; you have to pay for it – you have to be able to trust it – you have to face the lingering judgement in people’s eyes when they find out you’re a student “trapped” in the private sector.

It’s not like that.

For one to fully comprehend the private student life, they have to stop viewing themselves as a student.

You are the client.

You hold all the power.

So what’s the most astonishing difference when faced with public education? The power students hold over their teachers.

In public education (the “good” education) students are given a standard curriculum to attend. This curriculum is mostly unchangeable and students have little to no influence over it. They can follow it to their preference (or not). What’s really asked of them is to succeed in a series of exams given to them based on a small part of the content within this curriculum.


We control the private sector.

Money paid to people for them to teach us is no mere tuition. Not in my country.

Instead, it is a powerful leverage with which we essentially control our teachers, as well as our curriculum.

A lesson in the private sector is heavily influenced by what the students want to learn, whether that be something outside of the book, a medical question, a hypothetical scenario, or just gossip. The teachers will engage us, and they often do so willingly.

Somebody can use this knowledge to their advantage and become fully aware of the fact that once signed up for a course, you can really learn whatever you want. Do many students become aware of this power? No. But some do.

Go ahead.

Judge me for learning.


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