school, life, & death.

“but you always have your life to get back to.”

College, and less similarly work, are convenient ways to slip back into everyday life and routine after almost any event.

Except for when your Significant Other dies.

What’s everyday life like then?

Witnessing this scenario, I felt troubled whilst certain realisations surfaced in my conscious. This is a sad event. This is a very sad event. I feel very sad. The widowed wife probably feels the sadness I feel, multiplied by a thousand.

But I still have school to get back to.

And she still has to get back to…

Nothing. She has to get back to nothing.

How terrifying is it, truly, to start from scratch at 40? To have your purpose erased and in need to be re-written? How does one deal with that? How does one deal with that, alongside the death of an SO?

This was this wife’s reality.

An unnecessary hug and fake sympathy won’t do it. A house full of grieving people won’t cut it. Her life is over.

How does one face death, and keep his eyes intact?


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