but you can try again.

one of the taboo subjects of private schools is one’s life prior to their arrival at the private school.

there’s a question that always lingers.

how did you end up here?

There are a few categories most people in private education within my country can fit in.

  • Daddy has a lot of money.
  • Failed school.
  • Daddy has a lot of money and failed school.
  • Tried their best in exams, but didn’t quite get there.
  • Passed in a school not of their liking.
  • Don’t know what they’re doing or why.

Quite often, people will fit into many of these categories. It makes them relate to each other; everybody has similarly disinteresting stories to tell.

Until one person stands out.

I have a classmate; he’s a boy I have never exchanged any words with. I haven’t exchanged words with any boys in fact, but their personalities are easily betrayed through the obnoxiousness of their actions.

This boy, however, is the kind you do not expect to see in private education. He’s the kid who sits quietly, is very good at homework, and carries a clipboard.

That’s the guy I want to approach.

Brb as I gather my courage forever.


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