and if the distance starts to deconstruct everything that you’ve built and deleting everything that you’ve loved, don’t despair. be grateful for everything that you’ve lived through, and walk away with dignity.

I’m not sure how to disagree with the above.

I do believe distance most often brings people closer, regardless of nature of relationship. But other times, perhaps it aids people to forget.

Sometimes I forget.

I can’t tell if that means straying off course or being nudged onto the path that I was always supposed to be on. I do things I’m not proud of. People do things I don’t approve of.

I wonder what it’s like to be high.

I wonder whether spontaneity is the way to go, or whether you can only get through life with a solid plan. Or maybe a little bit of both. Or neither. Everything planned happens so that people can enjoy the spontaneous moments of life. Why not cut to the chase?

How thin is the line between happy and delusional?

Do people just run out of ideas eventually?

How much loneliness is too much?


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